High Pressure Liquid Chromatography In [ HPLC / HPLC ]
24 High Pressure Liquid Chromatography SCO (Germany) Quotation

Scientific and reasonable function and structure design satisfy your needs for accuracy and reproducibility to the maximum. Building-block modular design enables easy use and convenient maintenance. Rich function PC control and chromatograph data processing software makes it simple for instrument control and data processing.


High pressure solvent delivery pump adopting electronic pulsation suppression technology
displacing traditional mechanical buffer to thoroughly solve the problem caused by frequent
leakage of mechanical buffer, and to reduce the dead volume of solvent delivery system to
the minimum.
The wavelength positioning of Multi-wavelength UV-VIS detector is realized via the grating's
turning which is directly controlled by the SCM( Single Chip Micyoco). It has taken place the
conventional sine-pole mechanics (monochromator), eliminating the error of wavelength
positioning brought by the mechanical abrasion and returning error of the Guide-screw
transmission, and also avoiding the monochromator's hitting accident which might be
brought by false operation.