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Sepsis is a severe disease with an unacceptable mortality rate. Conventional microbiological methods usually deliver results only after 48 - 72 hours. Moreover, blood cultures are limited when detecting fastidious organisms or when antibiotic therapies have already been administered.

SepsiTest™ is the first molecular test detecting all relevant sepsis-causing strains in one test. The rapid screening test is CE-IVD-marked according to the European in-vitro diagnostic directive (EN 98/79/EG) and is now available for routine sepsis diagnostics. These are the SepsiTest™ key characteristics:

* Identitying more than 345 bacteria and yeasts
* Unparalleled Sensitivity and Clinical Relevance
* Detecting pathogens directly from whole blood
* Fast Results (4h)
* Enabeling therapy monitoring
* CE-IVD certified quality according to EN 98/79/EG

SepsiTest™ Blood is a bundled kit of pre-analytic and diagnostic solutions forming a unit for the detection and monitoring of bacteria and yeasts in whole blood and other body fluid samples. Molzym‘s innovative technology of human DNA-free isolation of bacterial and yeast target DNA from whole blood and is combined with universal rDNA assays to provide a high quality, straightforward kit for molecular detection of pathogens.

SepsiTest™ Blood supplies two separate assays with primers targeting eubacterial and Candida spp.
rDNA sequences, respectively. SepsiTest™ Blood
can be easily followed by sequencing.

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