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Mini spin column kits for the purification of DNA from microorganisms, plants, soil, tissue, blood and cell culture.

1- A kit for the isolation of total nucleic acids and DNA from Plants, Soil, Sediment and Water

With this kit total nucleic acids and DNA can be isolated within short time from monocots and dicots. The extraction of nucleic acids and the mini spin column purification procedure is simple in handling and very efficient. Fresh plant material as well as conserved samples (frozen, freeze-dried) can be processed. The isolated DNA is of high quality and can be used for downstream applications including restriction, ligation, PCR and hybridization. Further, the kit is designed for the extraction and purification of DNA from soils, sediments and water samples. A specially developed buffer is available for removal of contaminating humic and fulvic acids.


PrestoSpin D Plant Mini spin column
DNA purification kit
                                               50 reactions    250 reactions
Mini spin columns                              50                  250
Collection tubes (1.5 ml)                   50                 250
Buffer RB                                          10 ml             50 ml
Buffer PB                                           12.5 ml          62.5 ml
Buffer EX                                           17.5 ml          87.5 ml
Buffer AB                                          12.5 ml           62.5 ml
Buffer WB                                        20 ml              100 ml
Buffer EB                                         10 ml               50 ml
Proteinase K (10 mg/ml)                 1 ml                 5 ml
Manual                                             1                      1

Products Nucleic acid purification kits Genomic DNA PrestoSpin D Plant

Purification of total nucleic acids from 100 mg each ground plant leave material: 1, Lunaria annua; 2, Hedera helix; 3, Galeobdolon luteum; 4, Iris sibirica; 5, Lepidium sativum; 6, Vigna radiata; 7, Triticum aestivum (embryo); 8, Petroselinum crispum; 9, Triticum aestivum; 10, Solanum lycopersicum; 11, Pisum sativum (embryo); M, Molzym Lambda HindIII marker

* Rapid isolation: within only 50 min from extraction to pure DNA
* Simple handling: leaves, stem, roots, freeze-dried samples
* High DNA quality
* High molecular size DNA (>50 kb)
* Detailed protocols of sample preparation and DNA isolation

Examples for DNA quality and yield:
100 mg plant material


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2- Blood and cell culture DNA in 20 to 30 min

DNA from blood and cell cultures can be purified in little time and just a few steps with this kit. Blood cells from whole blood are lysed in a chaotrophic buffer with proteinase K (10 min, 70°C). Afterwards hemoglobin and cell fragments are removed with a special buffer. The lysate is then mixed with binding buffer and loaded on mini spin columns. The complete purification procedure does not take longer than 30 min. Cultivated cells are directly lysed with a buffer containing guanidine hydrochloride. The DNA isolation process takes only 20 min.


PrestoSpin D Blood&Cell mini spin column
DNA purification kit
                                                                 50 reactions     250 reactions
Mini spin columns in collection tubes           50                         250
Collection tubes (1.5 ml)                               50                         250
Buffer RB                                                     10 ml                    50 ml
Buffer PB                                                     12.5 ml                 62.5 ml
Buffer PS                                                     10 ml                     50 ml
Buffer CH                                                     12. ml                   62.5 ml
Buffer AB                                                      12.5 ml                 62.5 ml
Buffer WB                                                    20 ml                    100 ml
Buffer EB                                                     10 ml                    50 ml
Proteinase K (10 mg/ml)                             1 ml                     5 ml
Manual                                                            1                           1

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3- Total nucleic acid and DNA purification from bacteria

Products Nucleic acid purification kits Genomic DNA PrestoSpin D Blood&Cell

DNA isolation with PrestoSpin D Blood&Cell (S) using 100 µl whole blood samples from three individuals (1-3, with coagulation inhibitor EDTA). The DNA has a large molecular size (> 50 kb) without degradation. For comparison, DNA was purified with a competitor's kit (MN). Within 30 min DNA can be isolated out of blood with the PrestoSpin D Blood&Cell. Left hand lane: Molzym's molecular size standard Lambda HindIII (upper band, 23 kb).

Amplification of cytB from
DNA isolated from whole human blood. S, PrestoSpin D Blood&Cell, MN, competitor, 1-3, blood samples from different individuals.

* Purification from up to 200 µl whole blood
* Quick: within 30 min
* Few steps
Examples for yields:
                                              OD260/280     Yield (µg)

Blood, human (100 µl)          1.78               2.8          
Cell culture,                              1.86              4.7
monkey kidney
(106 cells)


With this kit it is possible to isolate total nucleic acids or, after RNase-treatment, DNA within a short time (30 min). The cells are treated with lysozyme (15 min) and are afterwards lysed in a highly chaotropic milieu. This prevents the degradation of the nucleic acids by cellular nucleases. The purification protocol itself only requires a few steps. The nucleic acids respectively the DNA are eluted in a small volume (75-150 µl). High mol. wt. DNA is isolated (>50 kb) suitable for all downstream applications.

Kit components

PrestoSpin D Bug Mini Spin Column
DNA purification kit
                                      50 reactions     250 reactions
Mini spin columns                    50                        250
Collection tubes(1.5 ml)           50                       250
Buffer RS                                 7 ml                   35 ml
Buffer RB                                 10 ml                 50 ml
Buffer CH                                 12.5 ml             62.5 ml
Buffer AB                                 12.5 ml              62.5 ml
Buffer WB                                20 ml                100 ml
Buffer EB                                10 ml                 50 ml
Manual                                    1                          1

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Total nucleic acid isolation out of gram-negative environmental isolates (1a-3a). Up to 2 x 1010 cells (corresponding to 5-6 ml E. coli culture) can be processed. Due to this high number of cells even low-copy plasmids (e.g. 3a) can be seen. For comparison, a plasmid prep of the strains with the PrestoSpin D Plasmid Midi20H kit is shown

Features of PrestoSpin D Bug:

* Quick processing (approx. 30 min)
* High yield: up to 80 µg DNA
* Gram-negative/Gram-positive bacteria
* Protocols for difficult to lyse bacteria

Examples of yields : 1-1.5 ml culture

                                      OD260/280    Yield (µg)
Halobacterium                1.83                3.7
Pseudomonas                1.92                16
Synechococcus               1.8                  4.5
E. coli (5 ml)                      2.0                 79.5
Bacillus                              1.8                  5.1