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Revolutionary Fluorescence All our Dark Reader transilluminators use pure visible blue light as the excitation source and there is NO damaging and dangerous ultra-violet radiation to worry about.

Dark Reader blue light transilluminators can be used for viewing a wide range of fluorescent samples including SYBR Green, GelStar, SYPRO Ruby, ProQ Diamond, fluorescein and various GFPs. A lot more information regarding the performance of the Dark Reader with selected dyes is available under the “Examples” label in the side-bar.

We currently have 3 different sized transilluminators available:
  •  The compact DR46 transilluminator has a 19 x 15 cm viewing surface - convenient for viewing DNA and protein mini-gels as well as other smaller samples.
  •   The mid-size DR88M transilluminator has a 25 x 22 cm viewing surface and is ideal for most laboratory applications.
  •  Our largest unit, the DR195M transilluminator, has a 30 x 46 cm surface for viewing multiple samples and extra large gels.
Dark Reader Transilluminator at rest and in operation viewing a SYBR Gold-stained DNA gel.

An amber screen that fits exactly over the blue surface is included with each transilluminator. The amber screen absorbs the blue excitation light, after it has illuminated the sample, thereby allowing the user(s) to clearly see the fluorescence. The amber screen can also be used as a camera filter.

All Dark Reader transilluminators are also provided with a free pair of viewing glasses with exactly the same optical properties as the screen. The glasses are a key accessory for cutting bands out of gels.

Dark Reader transilluminator reveals fluorescent DNA, RNA, proteins and other biological samples using a revolutionary combination of a VISIBLE light source and two color filters.
Sensitive: With GR Safe, Dark Reader can detect as little as 10 pg DNA on agarose gels. Dark Reader is more sensitive than UV transilluminator for the detection of many other popular dyes.

Safe: Because Dark Reader transilluminator emits no UV light, there is essentially no risk of eye and skin damage, the extent of DNA sample damage is drastically reduced and cloning efficiency is increased over 100-fold.

Versatile: The Dark Reader visible light source is particularly effective for viewing fluorophors through glass and plastic, and even in transgenic plants and animals.

This economical and versatile gel documentation system is ideal for small labs to acquire images from agarose gels stained with GR Safe, GelGreen, GelStar, SYBR Gold, SYBR Safe, and acrylamide gels stained with fluorescence dyes (GR Safe for oligonucleotides, SYPRO Orange for protein), biological samples with GFP, YFP and RFP. This gel documentation system does not need computer for operation, but you can connect the camera to computer through USB cord for "PC controlled capturing".

This gel documentation system includes the following components:

1, A compact darkroom hood.

2, A new digital camera with accessories such as adaptor, lens filter.

3, A blue light transilluminator: DarkReader from Clare Chemical.

4, Software for computer-control capture and file transfer.

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