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Brief about MASM International Establishment
MASM international establishment is one of Saudi Arabia leading provider of Lab equipments / instruments supplying and related services. Established in 2004 in the capital city of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), and has established many cooperative companies as business partners in numerous of countries in Middle East area to covering the major share of the market in this area.
MSAM deal with all types of customers those using Bio-products (Research/University, Clinical, Pharm, Animals, Agriculture (plant), Foods, Fish, Disease control, Blood bank, Biotech company, and others).

MSAM developing resources
Msam development resources are based on three axes as follow:
1. Self-paced training program. Local periodical training seminars have the major priority for developing MSAM stuff skills, this program is directed by the consultant professor (biomedical Prof. Mohammed A. Rahman) from King Saud University who has also addition roles in technical services and customer guidance in MSAM.
2. Attract new employers whose have multiple skills in marketing Bioproducts and its related instruments by selecting the owners of higher qualifications related to studying both biotechnology and sales engineering.
3. Communicating with a world companies for exchange experience.